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My name is Antigone Harding, and I'm a recent graduate from the Cambridge School of Art, in Anglia Ruskin University. I studied Illustration for three years, and enjoyed every challenge that came my way.

My work focuses on strong narrative elements, and developing compositions that appeal as part of their sequence, as well as a stand-alone image. I use strong shapes or lines, or textures to enhance the mood of the illustration. I enjoy working in monochrome, as well as with intense colour palettes. I have experimented with as many different and varied forms as possible - including collage, lino print and etching, fabric and embroidery illustration and inking - and have included some of my more successful projects within this portfolio.

I am deeply interested in anatomy, the way the human and animal bodies are designed - particularly bones and muscles. I'm also visually interested by religious images and belief structures, and into the ideas of 'symbols' and strong concepts that resonant with others as well, such as keys or birdcages. I find a lot of my illustrations have a form of symmetry to them, or a centered line or circle running through them, making some appear abstract and disjointed from figurative work.

I am majorly influenced by comic book story-telling, and the relationship of image and text, as well as the mixture of image sizes to create a narrative pace. I am particularly inspired by the work of Dave McKean, MIke Mignola and Alex Pardee - all have an intensely strong personal style and a need to constantly reinvent and recreate their realities.

My ambition within my illustration, and all my creative work, is to find that personal style as well, to be obsessive and completely submerged in creating images and characters - not only for free lance illustration, but for myself and those around me.

My sincere goal in life is to create work that people love enough to put up on their fridges.

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